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In this month's New Agriculturist . . .


There is both sweet and sour in this month's New Agriculturist. We present some of the difficult issues surrounding the use of child labour in Points of View but, on a sweeter note, we Focus On bees.

Whatever the rights, wrongs or inevitability of child labour, especially in rural areas, no-one would wish to see a child suffer ill health through mis-use of pesticides. And yet this is a real, continuing and probably increasing risk. What, realistically, can be done to ensure children are better protected? When a beekeeper takes his hives to an orchard, or to a field full of crops in flower, a contract is agreed with the owner of the crops that no chemicals be applied that could harm the bees. When one considers that Crop Pollination by Bees is of inestimable value, this makes sense. So, why does one see pregnant women and children working in fields that have just been sprayed?

There are definitely no pesticides in this month's Perspective on development aid and the frustrations felt by producers wanting to satisfy Europe's rapidly increasing demand for organic vegetables. And, although 'Is Anybody Listening?' is the cry of those who feel ignored our Developments article of this title shows that those who listen, and take note of what they hear, are selective and discerning. The same is undoubtedly true of readers of New Agriculturist.

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Points of view
 Children in agriculture

Focus on Beekeeping
 Beekeeping - an activity of past and future millennia
 Beekeeping in Uganda
 Busy with bees
 Keeping the honey flowing
 Varroa - a 'mitey' pest of bees
 Overcoming the hurdles
 All sweetness and light?
 The benefit of bees
 The call of the wild
 Taking a bee tour

In Print
 Negotiating Water Rights
 Crop Pollination by Bees
 World Water Vision
 Nutrients on the move
 Managing Soil Fertility in the Tropics. A Resource Guide
 The Eucalyptus
 Out of the Shadow of Famine. Evolving Food Markets and Food Policy in Bangladesh
 Encouraging Diversity: The conservation and development of plant genetic resources
 Meeting the Challenges of Animal Traction
 Reforming the CAP Economic Affairs, Volume 20, Number 2, June 2000
 Evolving land rights, policy and tenure in Africa
 Planning and Implementing Sustainable Projects in Developing Countries: Theory, practice and economics
 The Root Causes of Biodiversity Loss
 Poverty and Inequality in South Africa: Meeting the Challenge

 Vikash Tandon

 Non-paralysing success with non-toxic legume
 Asia experiences unusually heavy rains - and drought
 Food supply affected by drought - eastern Africa
 Tsetse flying over new ground
 Leaf miner pest in Malawi
 Diversity for combating disease
 Threat of silverleaf whitefly in India
 Success with seed priming
 Pesticides and parasites
 Beekeeping for rural development
 Success with silk?
 Biotechnology benevolence?
 New cucurbit species
 Mechanized agro-processing in Ethiopia
 Improvements in Egyptian irrigated rice

 Is anybody listening?
 Looking to the past for the future
 Building bridges - and roads in Mozambique
 An issues of mushrooming waste

Country Profile


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