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"There's no such thing as a free lunch" was quoted in the context of politics. It is just as true in agriculture, although not in a literal sense. If on nothing else, a free lunch is probably something that most farmers can rely on. But, in the metaphorical sense that there is always a hidden cost, farmers have much to pay. As we see in this edition of New Agriculturist, diseases - plant, animal and human - are one such cost.

Points of View: Agriculture and malaria reflects the opinions of medical and agricultural specialists on the opportunities for reducing the risk of malaria where water is prevalent, and of developing cultural practices that can discourage mosquitoes. Focus on reminds us of the serious economic losses and health hazards caused by rodents, and reflects a range of new approaches to minimising rodent damage without sole recourse to rodenticides. And In Print includes "Environmental change and autonomous control of Tsetse and Trypanosomosis in Sub-Saharan Africa".

New variants of old diseases threaten two major perennial crops: attempts to contain and overcome 'new' blackpod of cocoa and 'new' lethal yellowing of coconuts are reported in News brief and Developments respectively. Meanwhile those who follow the continuing debate on biodiversity and genetic modification will find grist for their mill in Perspective and two reports in News brief.

Another debate, no less acrimonious, centres on the US decision to increase by 70% subsidies paid to American farmers: see News brief. Not only are the EU and Canada outraged but many Third World countries are justifiably concerned that their exports will meet unfair competition and that they may lose even their home markets: for an example of this having happened in the past, see Country Profile: Mexico.

Finally, for an example of 'nothing succeeds like success' visit our new section Picture feature.

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Points of view
Malaria and agriculture

Focus on Rodent management
Rodents: a gnawing problem
To catch a rat...
Ecological rodent control approaches in East Africa
Pythons and parasites
Reproductive restraint revealed in mice
Rodent pests and pestilence

In Print
Enabling Innovation
Rural Aquaculture
Community-based Animal Healthcare: A practical guide to improving primary veterinary services
The World Ahead: Our future in the making
The Elusive Quest for Growth: Economists' adventures and misadventures in the tropics
Wild Health
Horse Healthcare: A manual for animal health workers and owners
Listen to the Cradle: Building from local dynamics for African renaissance
Environmental Change and the Autonomous Control of Tsetse and Trypanosomosis in Sub-Saharan Africa
Principles of Tropical Agronomy
Pastoralism in the new millennium

Rice Genome and Beyond
By Hei Leung

US disregards WTO consensus on farm subsidies
Food situation in southern Africa becomes critical
Genetic contamination in Mexican maize
Hopes and fears in Afghanistan

What to do about whitefly?

Rice unravelled

Fresh evidence in cassava poisoning

Ageing cocoa causes concern

Choosing to differ over GM crops

Protecting forests from palm oil and soy

Foot and mouth: joining forces

Profiting from environmental protection

Whatever the weather in Uganda

Raised beds and rain shelters for Vietnam's vegetables

Palm oil: the ebb and flow

DFID Departmental Report 2002

Hooking the bigger fish
Seeing Red
No place to hide for BFSB
Taking a closer look at agrobiodiversity
Red alert to Lethal Yellow

Country Profile


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