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With scenes reminiscent of the Asian Tsunami, nature has again revealed its strength in the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina. The US, usually the world's largest donor, is gladly accepting pledges of aid for emergency food supplies, technical and medical assistance. But, wherever we may live, we are all vulnerable to extreme events. Questions will inevitably be raised about those factors that contributed to the extensive damage caused by Katrina, including loss of strategic wetlands, and many of the lessons learned will have global implications. Our Points of View on coastal livelihoods highlights the complexity and fragility of coastal ecosystems.

As the US comes to terms with the aftermath of the hurricane, and policymakers battle it out to decide the future direction of development in the forthcoming UN summit (14-16 September), researchers continue their work to meet the needs of farmers around the world. Approaches to tackling plant disease is the subject of Focus On, whilst innovative interventions for rainwater harvesting, and malaria control are highlighted in Developments. Biocontrol in Kenya's rose farms, the progress in biotech research in Africa, and the genetic development of finger millet are also featured.

The diverse and rich cultural heritage of Belize is presented in Country Profile, and heritage is also reflected in Perspective, provided by Tewolde Berhan from Ethiopia, on feeding and restoring the land. Water management is the focus of the lead book in In Print, as it is in the Proceedings of World Water Week 2004 featured. In News, a controversial new report funded by the DFID Forestry Research Programme questions the benefits of planting trees and their impact on water availability.

In the diversity of information presented in this edition of New Agriculturist, we hope that you find much to stimulate your interest. If you have any comments, including ideas for future editions, please email us.

Points of view
Coastal livelihoods

Focus on Plant disease
Uganda's war on wilt
Information: key in the fight against blight
The plant detectives: A clinical approach to plant disease
Cassava mosaic: a new threat to Burundi's emerging peace
CMD: a blessing in disguise for Nigeria?
Grass stunt draws a crowd
Taking out the blast
Disease recognition and control in DRC

In print
Keepers of the spring: Reclaiming our water in an age of globalization
Rural livelihoods and poverty reduction policies
New directions for African agriculture: IDS Bulletin Volume 36 number 2
Agropolis: the social, political and environmental dimensions of urban agriculture
Agricultural growth for the poor: An agenda for development
In the lap of Pacha Mama, Bhootalli, Mother Earth
Controlling crop pests and diseases
Sugar-cane and sugar industry in Nigeria: The bitter-sweet lessons
Genetically modified crops: Their development, uses, and risks
Drainage basin management - Regional approaches for food and urban security

Feeding the world and restoring the land
By Tewolde Berhan Gebre Egziabher
Director General of Environmental Protection Authority of Ethiopia

Swine flu in China and FMD in Russia
Harvest hopes in Niger but help still needed
Rice unravelled
Green Muscle exercised, but needs building
World Food Prize catch and Fish for All in Africa
India's Bt cotton: report backs farmers' claims
Cassava multimillion makeover
COARD in Uganda: enhancing innovation
Land use and water management for the rural poor
Zambia takes the lead in sorghum-based biofuel
Botanists unearth Cameroon's hidden treasures
Did you know... about rodent management?

Biotech in Africa - turning research into reality
Deluge, disputes and drought mitigation
A 'mitey' good approach to biocontrol
Artemisia in Africa
Forging ahead with finger millet

Country profile

Picture feature
Squeezing a profit from farm produce


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