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Tea is central to the economy of East Africa (credit: © FAO/11841/F. Botts)Two multimillion dollar projects to bring hydropower and cogeneration schemes to parts of Africa could revolutionise the regionís tea and sugar industries, while helping to bring clean, renewable sources of electricity to remote rural areas.

Livestock markets can expose Kenyan pastoralists to unscrupulous traders (credit: a vision to upgrade and organise the livestock trade and meat industry in Kenya, a group of pastoralists, livestock farmers, traders, meat processors and butchers have set up a non-profit association called the Livestock Stakeholder Self-Help Association (LISSA).

The 150 tonne National Seed Storage site in Kigali, Rwanda (credit: Philippe Villers)Hermetic storage provides an airtight and safe non-pesticide means of storing dry food commodities. Modern methods using large, flexible, plastic envelopes - called Cocoons™ or SuperGrainbags™ are being used in a growing number of developing countries to maintain quality and prolong storage times for a variety of crops.

Ostrich meat is high in protein and low in fatWith rising interest in the huge birds and the meat they provide, it has been a good year for the Maasai Ostrich Farm in Kenya. Despite being the only commercial ranch in Kenya, the success of this ostrich ranch is testament to the fact that ostrich farming could become more than a fledgling industry in Kenya

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January 2008