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A cupper checks for coffee quality (credit: SPREAD)A focus on improving quality at every stage of the value chain has enabled Rwanda to successfully target the high value speciality coffee market, resulting in the average income from coffee production tripling in five years.

Barley farmers discuss crop traits during a conference field trip (credit: ICARDA)Participatory plant breeding depends on good communication between farmers and researchers. Recent experience in Syria suggests that storytelling is an ideal way for farmers to share their knowledge and observations, both with their peers and with crop breeders.

Farmers are often unwilling to invest in land unless they have secure tenure or legally-recognised ownership (credit: Mike Goldwater/Concern Worldwide)By supporting district-level land survey teams and establishing village land registries, Concern Tanzania has been enabling rural communities to obtain legally recognised land titles. The security these provide is having a wide impact.

African countries are concerned about their ability to meet their olibigations for the Cartegena Protocol on Biosafety. (credit: FAO/G Napolitano)Prior to the next major meeting of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety to be held in 2010 in Japan, African countries have raised concerns about their capacity to implement the Protocol guidelines and to meet reporting obligations.

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September 2008