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Jeffrey Sachs addresses the conference in Dublin (credit: Concern Worldwide)Amid frantic efforts by world governments to bolster banks and financial markets, Concern Worldwide's recent Fighting Hunger conference in Dublin sought to re-establish poverty and hunger at the top of the development agenda.

Increasing domestic milk production has benefitted many rural families (credit: Veterimed)A scheme to establish community dairies across Haiti is helping locals afford delicious, nutritious milk products and enabling them to switch away from expensive imports from the EU and Canada.

Containers for urine collection, left, and Ecosan fertiliser from processed urine (credit: Sandrine Tapsoba/CREPA)The value of nutrients contained in Ouagadougou's household excreta has been estimated at US$22 million per year. Now, some of that lost potential is being reclaimed through an innovative scheme to collect the waste and turn it into fertiliser.

High maize prices have made the crop an attractive option for smallscale farmers (credit: Patrick Luganda)With rising food prices and the demand for greater agricultural production, it is difficult for farmers in Uganda and elsewhere to see the need for biodiversity conservation, when there is potential to clear more land to earn a better income.

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November 2008