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The baobab tree has long been symbolic of the African landscape (credit: PhytoTrade Africa)After gaining approval from the EU in mid-2008, the work of bringing Africa's baobab fruit to consumers in Europe is in full swing. We hear from PhytoTrade Africa on its efforts to commercialise this so-called "superfruit" and the impact of increasing international demand for one of Africa's best-kept secrets.

Rama Ram Raika and his flock of sheepThe LIFE network is recording 'forgotten' livestock breeds using a new approach. This measures wider benefits of traditional breeds, including their contribution to social identity, their role in nutrient recycling, and the insurance they provide against drought.

Farmers in many parts of Central America have benefited from the COMAL network (credit: CAFOD)A network of smallscale farmers' organisations is helping to improve livelihoods in Honduras. As well as buying local produce at a guaranteed price, COMAL also offers loans and credit to farmers and helps them market their produce.

Unpredictable weather in Ethiopia is causing problems for farmersIn Ethiopia, few farmers have adapted their farming methods to cope with climate change. One exception is the Wichi Integrated Wetland-Watershed Management Project, which is working with local communities to restore degraded hillsides and protect wetland areas.

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January 2009