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View this edition's picture feature: Seas of change - fisheries in GhanaJust 27 miles long and 16 miles wide, the volcanic island of Dominica reflects many of the challenges facing the world's farmers. Bananas are the mainstay of the economy, but the ending of preferential access to European markets threatens the viability of banana production on the island. Diversifying the crop base in Dominica may be one answer. In the case of Dominica, subject of our Country Profile, bay tree oil and Mexican limes are two possibilities. And it is not only in Dominica where tree crops could make a major contribution to farmers' incomes. Eight other tree crops around the world, from apricots in Pakistan to Brazil nuts in Bolivia are featured in Focus on.

But while foreign markets may offer hope, particularly for high value niche crops, trade can also bring problems. Argentina's beef prices have been rising sharply, as production fails to keep pace with international and domestic demand, resulting in a government imposed export ban - see Developments. And in Uganda, local and regional trade in bananas is thought to be a major factor in the continuing spread of banana bacterial wilt; how this is happening, and what can be done, are discussed by an expert panel in Points of view.

The ongoing failure of trade talks is depressing news. For the authors of our lead book 'A history of world agriculture', this failure adds weight to their call for a new, international agricultural trade organisation, with a mandate to end the trade distortions that, they argue, are the leading cause of world poverty.

In the face of undeniable challenges, we hope that the developments and technologies that fill this edition of New Agriculturist are grounds for some optimism for the world's farmers.

Points of view
Banana bacterial wilt - refining the 'road map' for control

Focus on Tree crops
Olive oil on troubled waters
A good time for Brazil nuts
Fijian breadfruit: pest-free and picker-friendly
Cures fit for a king
Hunza apricots: reaching great heights
African cashews: stimulating an entrepreneurial approach
Cutting it fine for cork?
Marula - Africa's 'treasure tree'

In print
A History of World Agriculture: From the Neolithic age to the current crisis
Global development of organic agriculture: challenges and prospects
Ethical Sourcing in the Global Food System
Increasing climate variability and change: Reducing the vulnerability of agriculture and forestry
Livestock Report 2006
Beyond participatory tools: Field guide
A short history of the future: Surviving the 2030 spike
Pigs (Revised edition)
Contribution of farm power to smallholder livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa

Keeping free of bird flu
Dr Santanu Bandyopadhyay
Animal Husbandry Commissioner, Government of India

Whose Trade Organisation?
Lebanon faces food crisis
One third suffer water shortage
Flood-proof rice getting closer
Rapid response system for animal disease
Science and Technology to top education agenda
Newcastle vaccine in modified maize
Food crises have tripled since 1980s
Pooling knowledge on domestic livestock
Africa's rice revolution

Nematologists lonely no more
Rich countries, poor water
New research portal for DFID
Brazil scores a first for World Food Prize

Riding Argentina's bullish beef market
Rice rivalry
Mapping the future
Reading between the rows
Survival skills for Kenyan schools

Country profile

Picture feature
Seas of change - fisheries in Ghana


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