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The food economy: Global issues and challenges

The food economy

Edited by Frank Bunte and Hans Dagevos
Published by Wageningen Academic Publishers
Website: www.WageningenAcademic.com/foodeconomy
2009, 192pp, ISBN 978 90 8686 109 5(Pb), €43/US$64

With its origins in a conference - The future of the food economy - organised by, among others, the OECD Directorate for Trade and Agriculture, The food economy cannot be described as an easy read. Its core theme is that the global food economy is highly complex and getting more so. Gone are the days when the economics of food was confined to the supply chain from producers to retailers. Now, understanding the food economy demands an appreciation of the emotions, ethics and aesthetics of food, and hot political issues such as sustainability, transparency, corporate social responsibility and food safety.

The food economy is understandably selective in attempting to describe only some of the key, and most topical trends facing global food production; consequences of globalisation, foreign direct investment and the biofuel boom are all included. The authors are primarily writing for researchers and policy makers, and urge much greater coherence in food, trade, health, environmental and agricultural policies. But, while the intended audience will be well used to the jargon that fills every page, general readers would be advised to look for more easily digested options elsewhere.

Date published: November 2009


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