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Food policy old and new

Food policy old and new

Edited by Simon Maxwell and Rachel Slater
Published by Blackwell Publishing
Website: www.blackwellpublishing.com
2004, 204pp, ISBN 1 4051 2602 7(Pb), £19.99/$39.95

We are in a time of phenomenal change for the world food system - change in how food is produced, distributed, consumed and controlled. The editors of this book are not out to judge this transformation, "at least not yet; but we should certainly observe". They and the authors examine the changes, and their implications for developing countries, from various perspectives which they group under three headings: the character of the food system; the effects on the human population (diet and social impacts); and the actors and agendas of food policy.

The overall message of the book is that developing countries, even the poorest, need new policies and new policy processes to deal with the changes in the global food system. The editors urge the policy makers to "rediscover food policy", because "a preoccupation with food security is no longer sufficient".

Date published: September 2004


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