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Out of the scientist's garden: A story of water and food

Out of the scientists garden

By Richard Stirzaker
Published by CSIRO
Website: www.publish.csiro.au
2010, 208pp, ISBN 978 0 64309 658 5(Pb), AU$29.95

Accessible fresh water is a limited resource. Less than three per cent of the water on earth is fresh enough for watering plants, and frozen icecaps make up two-thirds of this. Free of jargon and easy to read, Out of the scientist's garden is a collection of short stories that explore how a world with shrinking water resources will feed a growing population.

Richard Stirzaker begins in his own fruit and vegetable garden to explain why and how food grows, before looking at soils, rivers, aquifers, ways to make irrigation more accurate and sustainable, and biodiversity. Stirzaker also explores tillage, permaculture, agroforestry and closes with a brief history of agriculture.

Written for those who want to understand food and water a little better, Out of the scientist's garden will appeal to anyone interested in how water is turned into food.

Date published: April 2010


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