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New Agriculturist: Book reviews - The rise of India and China in Africa
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The rise of India and China in Africa

The rise of China and India

Edited by Fantu Cheru and Cyril Obi
Published by Zed Books and Nordic Africa Institute
Website: www.zedbooks.co.uk or www.nai.uu.se
2010, 276pp, ISBN 978 1 84813 437 9(Pb), £21.99

In recent years, China and India have made huge investments in Africa and become major trading partners. China is currently the largest foreign investor in African infrastructure projects, from dams and roads to communications, and these have contributed to stronger growth in many African economies than has been seen in decades. Consequently, many Africans, disillusioned with the development failures of the last half century, are now looking at the two Asian giants for alternative models of economic development. India's and China's spectacular successes since the mid-1970s have raised hopes that Africa too could break from the bonds of poverty and aid dependency, offered the right path.

Through case studies from selected countries and specific sectors, including energy, agriculture, manufacturing and telecommunications, the contributing authors examine the opportunities and challenges created by Asian investment in Africa. Beyond the short term gains that Africa is enjoying, what could the long term impact be on Africa's economic development? And how can African states avoid exchanging one set of asymmetrical relations, with the West, for another? Impressive, detailed analysis of a timely and important subject.

Date published: July 2010


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