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The great food robbery

The great food robbery

Published by GRAIN
Website: www.grain.org
2012, 161pp, ISBN 978 0 85749 113 8 (Pb), £14.95

This large format, well designed and illustrated volume covers the same ground as Food Rebellions. It opens with the premise that the global food system is in a profound crisis and looks at the forces - mainly large corporations that dominate production and trade in foodstuffs - that are behind the distortions and contradictions that GRAIN and many others believe to be responsible for the crisis. "We focus on corporations because they are the leading actors driving the expansion of the industrial food system and we are concerned about how their actions impact on people and the planet." Now, the acquisition of very extensive landholdings by wealthy organisations and speculators is broadening the control of food production by mega-corporations.

All the chapters in the book have been published previously as separate articles by GRAIN and can be found on their website. They have been brought together in this book for those with limited or no access to the internet and The great food robbery is available in French and Spanish as well as English. It is referred to by Dr Hans Herren, past Director General of ICIPE and now President of the Millennium Institute as "The final wake-up call to take up the fight for our food future….The global food system is broken - it needs to be redesigned with people at its center, not the corporations."

Date published: June 2012


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