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Structured grain trading systems in Africa

Structured trade

Website: www.publications.cta.int
2013, 120 pp, ISBN 978-9-29081-524-2 (Pb), free to download

Despite the unexciting title, this excellent guide from CTA and the East African Grain Council is strongly recommended for those looking for some simple answers to the confusion that frequently surrounds warehouse receipts, commodity exchanges and trading standards. Use of engagingly simple, real-world examples to clarify the primary areas of concern is a major strength of the book. Informal language, clear illustrations and plenty of subdivisions and boxes to organise the content, equally help to make the subject clear and accessible.

The adoption of more organised ways of buying and selling staple crops is an important part of Africa's agricultural future, but modern marketing requirements and systems demand new knowledge and skills that are very different from traditional, face-to-face selling. At just 116 pages, the guide cannot offer detailed coverage of procedures - for instance in growing healthy grain, or how to store or transport it - but it does provide an excellent overview of an important topic, which will be of practical use and interest to many, from farmers and traders to policymakers and students.

Date published: October 2013


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