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State of the world: Our urban future

Edited by: Linda Starke
Published by W.W. Norton & Company
Available from: http://www.worldwatch.org
2006, 250pp, ISBN - 10 0-393-32923-2 (Pb), US$ 18.95

Experiencing first hand the less than glamorous urban reality of the poorest people in the world, Anna Tibaijuka paints a repellent picture of development. "I have been stranded in traffic jams; I have visited men in hospitals suffering from preventable diseases caused by industrial pollution; I have met young women who were raped on their way to the closest public toilet shared by over 500 people", she says. A dramatic opening by Anna Tibaijuka, Executive Director of the United Nations HABITAT programme, this book offers an insight into the lives and diversity of the large and growing number of urbanites across the globe.

Highlighting the fact that developing and developed cities have much in common, this collection of essays delves beneath the urban horizon of skyscrapers and slums to reveal the problems and opportunities offered by urban development. This century will mark the historical shift from predominantly rural to urban dwelling. In this context the essays, written to appeal to a wide audience of students and scholars, explore how cities are managed and built, the consumption of energy, and the widening gap between demand and supply in over-populated cities such as Lagos, Nigeria. Can we hope for a peaceful and sustainable urban future?

Date published: March 2007


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