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AIDS, poverty and hunger: Challenges and responses

AIDS, poverty and Hunger: Challenges and responses

Edited by Stuart Gillespie
Published by International Food Policy Research Institute
Available from: www.ifpri.org
2006, 375pp, ISBN: 0 89629 758 6 (Pb), US$20

"Hunger and HIV/AIDS are entwined in a vicious circle. Malnutrition and lack of food heightens susceptibility to HIV exposure and infection, while AIDS in turn exacerbates hunger," says Stuart Gillespie, the editor of this book. In such a desperate situation, what hope is there? Through eighteen essays aimed at development professionals, the contributors argue that attempts to defeat the AIDS epidemic, which has caused more than 25 million deaths globally, have not gone far enough. As a senior research fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute, Gillespie's opening chapter reminds the reader that "nutrition is the pivotal interface between food security and health security," a message echoed throughout the book. But the role that food and nutrition can play in the AIDS epidemic must be explored from a multi-dimensional perspective. The impacts of the virus on wages, income and the agricultural sector as a whole, must be researched, so that appropriate and effective responses, interventions and policies can be developed.

Date published: January 2007


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