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Role of the media in agricultural development

The role of the media as an effective player in agricultural and rural development is undervalued. So what are the challenges and opportunities for the media to promote more effective agricultural development? We ask experts for their views.
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The media are effective partners in agricultural development. With the limited personnel we have in our agency, they may serve as efficient extension officers disseminating technology information updates using the quad media.
posted by: Dr. Joyce S. Wendam (04:23:15 Sun 3rd June 2012)

Media is an effective partner in promoting agricultural development. With media, information is being disseminated faster. They are a good source of information and most of the people believe their words, they are effective partners of change.
posted by: Joyce Wendam (14:30:54 Mon 19th December 2011)

In our agency, we have organized the media. These media people are given the opportunity to travel to other places at the expense of the office to observe the best agricultural practices and disseminate these best practices in our locality.
posted by: Joyce Wendam (14:20:26 Sun 11th September 2011)

Media control supervision for the state is highly needed because state check the negative and positive effect of the media. If media without check working then some information very easily create a problem in a country.
posted by: Naushad khan Lecturer Agricultural university peshawar IDS (05:17:14 Sun 11th September 2011)

Media positively and negatively work in the universe. On one side they increase the out put of the country and make the country prosperous and developed, while on the other side they increase the speed of the crimes and make the universe problematic.
posted by: Naushad khan Lecturer Agricultural university peshawar IDS (05:07:53 Sun 11th September 2011)

media is always usefull to spread news related to agriculutre and new adoptation by the farmers. we are working for moblizing media in the field of agriculture journalists are showing to cover agricultural news. as a media person i done it.
posted by: Himanshu Gaur (10:55:39 Wed 15th June 2011)

Media is the catalist which speed up the agriculture development. Media transfer the knowledge of the researcher to farmer and multiply the out put of the agriculture.Without good media the agriculture growth is impossible. Media expert go every where and recorded the situation and transfer the info
posted by: Naushad Khan (19:44:33 Thu 22nd July 2010)

The researcher finds the knowledge and the media informs the world about this knowledge and controls their problems and increases their output and makes them prosperous, so the media is working as a catalyst in the universe.
posted by: Naushad Khan (04:35:10 Thu 18th March 2010)

Knowledge is power and the media multiplies knowledge from researchers to rural farmers. Through the media, rural people gain knowledge, apply the knowledge practically in the field, and increase the output of their fields.
posted by: Naushad Khan (09:32:41 Wed 24th February 2010)

Particulary I am lecturer in NWFP agricultural university peshawar and expert of rural development. Media play piovotal role not only in agriculture development but also in other sector improvement of the country.
posted by: Naushad Khan (12:19:45 Tue 23rd February 2010)



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