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The 21st century camel

Camel milk chocolate, frothy camelcinos and strawberry-flavoured camel milk, all from a 2,000-strong herd of calm, friendly, well-behaved camels. Not quite the picture of Bedouin desert nostalgia you'd expect, but Emirates Industry for Camel Milk and Products, better known as Camelicious, does things a little differently.
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Camel milk is unique and solution to complexities of human health in harsh and hostile ecosystems of the world. In the meanwhile camel can tolerate the calamities of the climate change as camel is uniquely adapted to such ecosystems.
posted by: Dr Abdul Raziq (06:54:56 Thu 15th May 2014)

Quite exciting. It would be good to get more economic facts on Camelicious, e.g daily sales, whether the business has broken even, making any profit. In my country Kenya we've millions of Camels and answers to the above may help millions of Camel keepers.
posted by: Osman Alla (09:56:56 Wed 6th April 2011)

I think that the name "what took you so long" says it all. Excellent and imaginative and so, so obvious - seemingly. Thank you for existing Camelicious. An inspiration.
posted by: Eva (16:57:35 Thu 24th March 2011)



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