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Making a PAC: payments for agrobiodiversity conservation services

Genetic diversity of crops within species is very narrow and existing agrobiodiversity is being lost at a rapid rate. However, a recent pilot scheme to pay farmers for conserving traditional crop varieties has provided a promising way to stem the loss.
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This is very essentail for maintaining the thin balance of Agriculture,Environment and Development. Regards, Srivalli
posted by: Srivalli Krishnan (08:43:47 Sun 20th May 2012)

It is not surprising at all about the initiative of Syngenta. This contribution is giving it some sort of ownership on the gene pool in some way. This should be checked, followed up and resist.
posted by: Dr. Kudrat (11:13:06 Sat 21st January 2012)

It is really surprising that this project has been supported by Syngenta which is one major culprit of loss of agricultural biodiversity all over the world. The GM seeds are the major causative agent of farmer suicides increasing throughout India.
posted by: jui pethe (08:45:49 Tue 17th January 2012)

Instead of paying, Syngenta would do better stopping contaminating traditional varieties with its GM seeds.
posted by: gabriel (17:13:59 Mon 9th January 2012)



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