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Dr. Michel Pimbert

Dr. Michel Pimbert, principal researcher and team leader at IIED believes that for both urban and rural areas, 'circular' production systems are a sustainable alternative to our normal 'linear' models that deplete resources and create waste and pollution.
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Hi Yes I agree totally with what you say although am not sure how it adds to "A Renewable World" - a Report for the World Future Council by Herbert Girardet and Miguel Mendonca published in 2009 - chapter 10 Good luck taking it forward though.
posted by: Imogen (14:45:34 Wed 13th June 2012)

IN the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's report Towards the Circular Economy (with analytics by McKinsey & Co) adopting effective materials recovery, 'virtuous cycles' is also shown to be profitable and a huge economic opportunity.See www.thecirculareconomy.org
posted by: Ken Webster (14:57:07 Sat 3rd March 2012)



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