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Young people and the agri-food sector in Africa

Agriculture is too often seen as an 'employment of last resort', avoided by young people. Yet millions of youth remain unemployed and governments appear incapable or unwilling to formulate policies that could provide young people with employment in the fast-changing agrifood sector. But what could make agriculture attractive to young job-seekers?
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Youth is most capable than old man that cannot even think wise like the way youth can. Youth can work for some period of time unlike old people. So i think is more good to let us youth participate in agricultural productivities in Africa especially.
posted by: otun Peace (22:06:50 Thu 20th February 2014)

Our government are always paying lip service to the issues concerning youth. In order to encourage youth to agriculture, government need to make access to land easy, provision of free or low interest credits facilities, ready-made market at competitive price and others inputs availability and affordable.
posted by: Ayinde Olatunde (21:11:32 Wed 23rd May 2012)

It is essential that the youth in agriculture are encouraged and given a chance. It is somewhat disheartening to interview agricultural undergraduates to find that their ambitions are to work for donor agencies. Yet give these students some encouragement and awareness of entrepreneurship then they start to see opportunities within the agricultural sector - not necessarily as farmers but as agribusiness dealers where their skills can be used to sell input services and advise their local communities. This implies a skill gap and a change to the undergraduate curriculum to include topics such as entrepreneurship would be very beneficial. Opportunities also exist for those not fortunate enough to attend college or university. Within the Research Into Use Programme we are actively incubating and nurturing ideas (arising from past agricultural research) with a view to helping start-up businesses; this is risky and time consuming but we believe a fundamental step in helping many highly innovative youth people.
posted by: Andy Frost (16:02:14 Fri 11th May 2012)

I also share most of the comments and suggestion: Not every youth would like to go back to farming. Many reasons including: rural working life is tough (physically tyring), return not rewarding, rural life does not have the urban attraction.
posted by: kettema Yilma (08:42:39 Fri 11th May 2012)



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