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Storage solutions for indigenous vegetable seeds

Genebank storage of indigenous vegetable germplasm is a vital part of conservation and breeding programmes, but can result in poor germination rates in stored seeds. AVRDC - The World Vegetable Center is investigating optimum temperature and seed moisture levels for long-term seed storage, plus simple seed priming techniques for use by themselves and farmers.
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Slippery cabbage is widely distributed throughout India, tropical Asia, Oceania and in northern Queensland, Australia. It grows well in tropical and subtropical regions and hence should do well in Western Visayas, the Philippines.
posted by: Andreas Ebert (01:23:48 Mon 21st April 2014)

This kind of commodity slippery cabbage in not a well-known crop in Western Visayas, Philippines. Can this crop thrive in its soil-climatic conditions? Since, it is a neglected and underutilized crop, this would help stabilise the food supply if given sufficient consideration.
posted by: fed launio (09:32:09 Sun 30th March 2014)



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