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Making more of undervalued crops

Underutilised crops can provide a valuable source of income and nutrition for those living in marginal areas. They can even help to provide food security in the face of climate change. So why aren't more of them grown? We ask the experts about why these plants have become neglected and what can be done to raise their profile.
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Undervauled crops can be made valued crops by developing improved varieties/hybrids, production & protection technologies, and post harvest technology. In addition to this goverments have to estabilish domestic, national and international markets for that.
posted by: Dr. Murlee Yadav (11:37:05 Wed 26th August 2009)

The productivity of these crops are very low due to lack of high yielding cultivars, improved production and protection technologies as well as unawareness among the people about these crops. So there is need to develop the above mentioned technologies.
posted by: Dr. Murlee Yadav (05:36:14 Fri 31st July 2009)



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