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The pressing case for moringa

Cultivation of the moringa tree is gaining in popularity in Kenya. Moringa seed oil is exported to Europe, North America and China for use in the cosmetic industry.
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I know and I grow moringa but marketing is a problem for most farmers. Where can one sell his leaf powder profitably instead of being exploited by middlemen or herbal doctors. Surely sh. 30kg is not fair to the farmer.
posted by: Grogan Kinoi Mwambanga (13:49:36 Fri 14th June 2013)

very good research on moringa, on the side of packaging u can consult me on empty capsule for packing
posted by: Annie kamunge (11:00:21 Wed 19th December 2012)

Hi, This is a very educative newsletter. The story of Moringa is very catchy. I am a patent examiner and have started receiving applications to patent processes of extraction and products of Moringa. I am looking for funds and friends and to partner with in introducing, planting and commercial us
posted by: Fred Otswongo (14:03:31 Fri 17th August 2012)

You can also get moringa dried leave powder(organically grown)- email moringaoleifera.kenya@gmail.com for free delivery. I have never seen such a 'miracle' tree that can cure over 300 diseases. I am using it and my life will never be the same
posted by: Francis (23:39:28 Sat 4th August 2012)

"The trees are harvested twice a year and each tree can produce about 100kg (seeds )every year." please clarify the above statement cause it does not sound true can one tree really produce 100kg /yr
posted by: mark (15:06:47 Thu 3rd May 2012)

Am very greatfull to hear about moringa tree.Am in Eldoret kenya and wish to venture in to moringa planting.Where and how can i obtain the seeds?
posted by: Caleb koech (20:44:21 Mon 16th April 2012)

I did not know before and now I am wondering moringa tree what it does
posted by: ali (09:43:38 Mon 19th December 2011)

Thank God for moringa i will also go into moringa farming.
posted by: TIMOTHY (12:18:54 Wed 16th February 2011)

We are impresed with Mr. Mpongo article om Moringa Please inculde our contact for collaboration.
posted by: michael ongonga (07:58:54 Sat 25th December 2010)

I Very helpful. I will start moringa cultivation soon.
posted by: moringa plantation seeds (05:34:27 Sat 18th December 2010)

Very Informative. Mjoba is an inspiration. I too grow moringa. Check this link also moringa seeds www.agf-moringa.com
posted by: AGF Moringa (10:29:23 Wed 2nd December 2009)



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