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Nigeria's agricultural sector, which employs about 60 per cent of the population, has been eclipsed by the development of the oil industry; lack of investment has resulted in low productivity and the need to import food in recent years.
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Looking at the Nigerian situation I have the feeling that if Nigeria develops to expectation certainly some people and countries will be affected negatively simply because the country's development lapses creates opportunities else where.
posted by: Rabiu Auwalu Yakasai (18:11:33 Wed 6th July 2011)

That was a very good essay and it gave me a new insight about Nigeria and how important agriculture is to our country and the world at large.our country is blessed by God as in this is a land filled with milk and honey. may God help us Amen.
posted by: olufemi faith esther (10:14:10 Fri 15th April 2011)

The statistics on the profile of Nigeria have changed slightly. I think there is a need to get them updated. I commend you for your efforts any way. Keep it up. In addition to the above comments about Nigeria on 'Have your say' is that agricultural commodities dominate non - oil exports
posted by: Nwachukwu Ifeanyi (04:52:00 Mon 23rd August 2010)

Thanks for the information gives good outlook about the country; but up date fig. GDP per capita to the year 2010,crops export in quantities to the current date. What is the government doing to improve Agriculture situation with the oil interference
posted by: Mathias wafula (07:22:34 Mon 12th July 2010)

Thanks for the information provided, but lacked statistics on crops production trends as the country is known to have more educated professionals in agriculture and used as model to implimentation of agricultural programms.
posted by: Wafula Mathias (10:24:49 Sat 3rd July 2010)



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