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Father Godfrey Nzamujo, founder of the Songhai Centre, Porto Novo, Benin

Rice consumption in Africa is increasing at a considerable rate, although the majority of rice is imported. According to Father Godfrey Nzamujo, pioneering founder of the Songhai Centre, with the release of the New Rice for Africa (NERICA) varieties, that situation could be set to change.
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It really looks very good and promising for Africans to embark on rice production. We have all the elements for production of this vital crop. Certainly here in the new nation of South Sudan we want to embark on this product. We have vast expanse of land and have tried some varieties such as Nerica
posted by: Godfrey Ladu (08:01:32 Wed 11th September 2013)

This really is the right way to go, God is really with you and with Africa. Please all and sundry support this noble course, I have been there myself.
posted by: John Odungide (18:44:18 Mon 26th November 2012)

kudos to a an achiever. i think africa is rising up to take her lost glory. west afica can become an agricultural hub of africa.
posted by: duke samuel (16:22:14 Fri 24th February 2012)

This is definately the way forward. I hope African goverments will whole heartedly embrace and pursue this venture by Fr. Nzamujo and snap out of our seemingly perpetual dependence on cheap foriegn imports and aids which has disempowered us.
posted by: Patrick Ofori (09:06:29 Tue 27th October 2009)

Kudos to Fr. Nzamujo. This is really a wonderful endeavor. We can triumph over poverty and disease in Africa with good nutrition and education. Uju, Texas USA
posted by: Obiyo Nze (16:06:38 Sun 18th October 2009)



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