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Biochar - putting carbon back

Made from waste products rather than timber, green charcoal is already validated as a source of carbon credits when used as a domestic fuel source. Now, an NGO is pioneering its use as a soil improver, adapting a system employed by Amazonian Indians up to 7,000 years ago.
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Sustainable bio char to mitigate global climate change: http://www.nature.com/ncomms/journal/v1/n5/full/ncomms1053.html US BiocharConference: http://www.biorenew.iastate.edu/events/biochar2010/conference-agenda/agenda-overview.html
posted by: Erich J. Knight (03:46:17 Mon 4th April 2011)

Free Carbon Condominiums with carboxyl group fats in the pantry and hydroxyl alcohol in the mini bar. Build it and the Wee-Beasties will come. The MYC fungi create an Interstate highway for moisture & nutrients.
posted by: Erich J. Knight (05:25:06 Sat 2nd April 2011)

Every 1 ton of Biomass yields 1/3 ton Charcoal for soil Sequestration (= to 1 Ton CO2e) + Bio-Gas & Bio-oil fuels = to 1MWh exported electricity, so is a totally virtuous, carbon negative energy cycle.
posted by: Erich J. Knight (05:22:24 Sat 2nd April 2011)

You want to know all the secrets about biochar ? This book will help! http://www.biochar-books.com. Here practice and theory merge under a single cover of "The Biochar Revolution" and reveals hidden secrets of science called Biochar
posted by: new_biochar_land (14:06:49 Sun 23rd January 2011)



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