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Uganda's forest under threat

Global production and consumption of sugar is around 140 million tonnes anually (WRENmedia)
Global production and consumption of sugar is around 140 million tonnes anually

Demonstrations in Kampala on the 12th April left at least three people dead, as scientists and environmental campaigners challenged the decision of the Sugar Corporation of Uganda (SCOUL) to lease part of a natural forest for cultivating sugarcane. Mabira Central Forest Reserve, Central Uganda's largest remaining block of moist semi-deciduous forest, contains many plant and animal species, and is also used for growing traditional medicines. SCOUL, a joint venture between the government of Uganda and the Metha family, has requested the lease of 7,100 hectares of the Reserve. But Uganda's National Forest Authority says that such a move would undermine the country's policy to protect and sustainably manage permanent forests. The forest is also a source of carbon credits, and an environmental organisation has warned that destroying part of it could result in losses of up to US$316 million in carbon credits.

Suresh Sharma, the Metha Group Regional Director of African Operations, told Kampala's Monitor news agency that "it is essential and prudent to expand the capacity of SCOUL to meet the challenges of the world market." He added that the company was "mindful" of environmental issues, noting that this year the company has planted 400,000 trees on 350 hectares of land.

Date published: May 2007


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SO SAD!!!!!! I WONDER IF IT ACTUALLY DID HAPPEN!!!! (posted by: Jojo)


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