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Open access research for the semi arid tropics

The aim of Exploreit is to improve access to ICRISAT's data (© ICRISAT)
The aim of Exploreit is to improve access to ICRISAT's data

The International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) has launched a new website - Exploreit - in order to improve access to its data. Previously, while research data and information were available, they were held in multiple locations, with online resources subject to fairly restrictive search functions. The new website has adopted a 'MultiProfiler' approach, whereby information is tagged according to various criteria and can therefore be found by users with a wide range of needs.

The site organises information under five fields: crop, topic, geographic location, system and resource type. Information on women farmers groups in Mali growing groundnuts, for example, can be found by those searching for information on gender (a topic), groundnuts (a crop) and Mali (a country). Forty years of research data on the semi-arid tropics is now freely available through the site, as part of the institute's commitment to support broader access to agricultural research, knowledge and information.

Date published: October 2013


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