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CGIAR funding doubles in five years

A Tanzanian farmer on her maize plot, where she grows improved, drought tolerant maize (© CIMMYT)
A Tanzanian farmer on her maize plot, where she grows improved, drought tolerant maize

CGIAR, the world's largest agricultural research partnership, has revealed that its annual funding has doubled since 2008, from US$500 million to US$1 billion. The international network of agricultural science institutes has been working for over 40 years - increasingly in partnership with farmers and national research bodies - to develop new crop varieties and livestock vaccines, to research sustainable, climate-smart farming methods, and provide incisive policy analysis. Examples of its successes have included: drought tolerant maize, now benefitting 20 million people in 13 African countries; 'scuba rice' which can survive underwater for two weeks, protecting harvests across monsoon Asia; and high yielding, disease resistant potato varieties now being planted by farmers in Peru.

In supporting the CGIAR's 16 global research programmes, the US$1 billion annual funding will help in the development of solutions to complex challenges, including climate change, water scarcity, land degradation and chronic malnutrition. "CGIAR has a strong track record in delivering solutions, building resilience, and helping people all over the world to grow more nutritious food and thrive in the face of the challenges," says Rachel Kyte, Chair of the CGIAR Fund Council. "The new funding will take CGIAR's work to the next level and be crucial in global efforts to enhance food and nutrition security in a world of climate change."

Date published: December 2013


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