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Traditional African 'superfood' gets thumbs-up

Babobab fruit could soon be on sale in the EU (PhytoTrade Africa)
Babobab fruit could soon be on sale in the EU
PhytoTrade Africa

Millions of Africans are set to benefit from a new ruling allowing the sale of baobab fruit in the European Union (EU). The fruit, which has been consumed in Africa for thousands of years and contains up to six times more vitamin C than oranges, has been unavailable in Europe because it requires pre-sale approval from the European Commission. Following lobbying from the trade association PhytoTrade Africa, approval has now been granted and could pave the way for a global trade worth up to US$1 billion per year.

The cheese-like pulp of the baobab fruit is expected to be used in smoothie drinks and cereal bars and could result in employment for millions of workers in Southern Africa, where the fruit will initially be sourced.

Date published: September 2008


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