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Ancient traditions, modern relevance

Pay-to-stay research
  • A Passion for pastoralism
  • Uniquely adapted
  • Milk for the Maasais
  • Pay-to-stay research
  • Making the most of resources
  • Duties at dusk
  • Dual purpose
  • Handing on to the next generation

Pay-to-stay research

Researchers, drawn by opportunity to study local wildlife - including baboons and big cats - are welcomed at the research camp of the southern Rift Valley. Their presence - and research fee - provides an income to the local community as well as employment for research assistants recruited locally such as Joel who works on a habituation study of baboons. He follows a couple of troops to understand better their behaviour including their ability to predate on small livestock by luring unsuspecting goats with acacia pods thrown from the tree canopy.



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