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Points of view: Agricultural innovation

Points of view: Agricultural innovation

Points of View on agricultural innovation offers divergent expert opinions on how agricultural innovation systems can be encouraged and supported.

Date published: January 2007

Where next for agricultural extension?

Where next for agricultural extension?

In the face of reduced public expenditure, extension services in sub-Saharan Africa have a daunting challenge: farmers need information, but the resources to provide it are meagre at best. We asked a number of experts for their views on the future of agricultural extension.

Date published: November 2006

Banana bacterial wilt - refining the 'road map' for control

Banana bacterial wilt - refining the 'road map' for control

Banana bacterial wilt, first detected in Uganda in 2001, has since spread rapidly. Strengthening and refining the control effort is now clearly essential, but how should this be done, where are the research priorities, and what action should be taken by Uganda's neighbours? We asked the experts for their views.

Date published: September 2006

Control of avian flu

A recent consultation entitled The research communities response to Avian Influenza, with special reference to developing countries, was attended by over 50 experts in genetics, epidemiology, social science and veterinary science. Some of their viewpoints, including identifying short-term needs are examined in this Points of View.

Date published: July 2006

How fair is Fairtrade?

Despite increasing consumer demand, there are concerns over the premium pricing of Fairtrade products. Some also believe that Fairtrade certification, which requires farmers to pay annual fees for inspection, is expensive. In this edition, we provide a selection of these Points of View.

Date published: May 2006

Conservation agriculture

Famers in Africa face a double challenge of increasing production while at the same time protecting natural resources such as soil and water. So what are the potential opportunities and constraints of conservation agriculture? We asked the experts.

Date published: March 2006

Water, sanitation and hygiene

WHO has shown that investment in improved access to safe water and hygienic sanitation in rural areas results in benefits many times greater than the cost. It also results in increased capacity to utilise the full potential of agricultural research, thus increasing the cost-benefit of research in crops and livestock. Points of View summarises some of the comments made at a recent international conference on water and sanitation that relate water and rural health to water and rural wealth.

Date published: January 2006

Education and training for the African animal health sector

Africa is short of trained technicians, scientists and practitioners, not least in the animal health sector. Points of View provides a range of opinions on the need for continuing professional development in the animal health sector and the ways in which to deliver it.

Date published: November 2005

Coastal livelihoods

In recent decades, large areas of mangrove and rive paddies have been converted to aquaculture, mainly for tropical shrimp farming. But high profits have been accompanied by high environmental and social costs. The problems and solutions are put forward by scientists who gathered at an international conference in Vietnam.

Date published: September 2005

Making markets work for the poor

Some of the barriers that keep the world's poorest people from bringing their goods to market include storage and transport issues, the availability of market information, trust within the food chain, food quality, and food safety. Points of View highlights some of the key issues.

Date published: July 2005



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