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Animal welfare

Animal welfare is becoming a major issue and even a point of contention in agriculture. But do animals suffer? Are animals sufficiently sentient to be said to suffer? An international conference in London in March heard academics, scientists, vets and animal rights activists present their points of view, of which New Agriculturist offers a selection.

Date published: May 2005

Role of information tools in food and nutrition security

Africa's reducing capacity to produce adequate food for its population is cause for concern. How to reverse this calamitous trend must be a priority issue. In this edition, Points of View considers how the communication of information could help improve both food production and the sanitation and hygiene that would increase the nutritive value of food consumed.

Date published: March 2005

The CGIAR - a bridge to the future?

Tropical agriculture has benefited significantly from the work of the CGIAR. But where to next? And what are the new priorities in terms of meeting the Millennium Development Goals? Points of view reflects some of the views expressed during CGIAR's annual general meeting in Mexico City.

Date published: January 2005

Communication for development - recognising the need and deciding on its implementation

The vital role of communication in the development process has long been recognised, but progress in achieving effective communication continues to disappoint. We asked the experts at the 9th Roundtable on Communication for Development for their views.

Date published: November 2004

Consumers, farmers and food: reconciling the future

With six billion mouths to feed, the global food system is extremely complex, and associated problems are many and diverse. We ask the experts about the current problems facing different parts of the world, the need for sustainable farming, and ways to move towards a better food system.

Date published: September 2004

Decentralisation of forestry

Governments are looking for ways to reduce the cost of delivering services. At the same time, communities are demanding greater control over local resources. As governments transfer forestry management responsibility to communities, Points of view covers the different experiences of the success and failures of decentralisation and the lessons to be learnt.

Date published: July 2004

Assuring food and nutrition security in Africa by 2020

More than 200 million people in Africa are undernourished. This is twice the number of people it was 40 years ago. We asked the experts for their views on the challenges facing Africa, the importance of nutrition and education, and the role played by research and trade in achieving food and nutrition security.

Date published: May 2004

What makes a technology successful?

What makes a technology successful for Africa? The answers, if they could be determined, would surely make life better for millions of poor Africans. We asked participants at a workshop on livestock keeper-based testse control strategies for their views.

Date published: March 2004

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) stimulates defensive arguments from both sides of the fence. On one side, the research community maintain that it is very necessary to stimulate scientific enterprise and innovation. The other camp is those who object to money-making organisations holding a patent to food crops when there is so much hunger in the world. We asked the experts for their views.

Date published: January 2004



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