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To keep you up to date with the latest in agriculture and rural development, we have developed a range of services to keep you informed of what's new on the New Agriculturist website, all of which are provided free of charge.


Email announcement

To be notified when each new English or French edition of New Agriculturist becomes available on-line, you can choose to subscribe and receive an email announcement. To start receiving the email notification, simply supply us with your email address using the box below and choose your preferred language or whether you would like to receive notifications for both editions.

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New Agriculturist on facebookFor an insight into what the New Agriculturist team is up to, why not check out the New Agriculturist page on Facebook.



Follow the New Agriculturist on TwitterEvery update to the New Agriculturist site is published on our twitter page (http://twitter.com/new_ag). Follow New Agriculturist to get instant updates of new articles.


RSS feed RSS feed

We currently run an RSS feed which provides a summary of all new information added to the New Agriculturist website. Subscribe to the RSS feed.


New Agriculturist podcast Subscribe to podcast

You may also like to subscribe to the New Agriculturist podcast. To listen to the current podcast, see the listen in page. Alternatively, to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, click on this link.


The New Agriculturist is a WRENmedia production.

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